Our History

Aliaxis is where it is today, thanks to decades of efforts that finally led to the unification of forces, capabilities, professionals, and a great capacity for growth.


1940 Founding of Nicoll by aliaxis' historical predecessor, Eternit Uruguaya S.A., a company belonging to the Etex Group.

1959 Durman Esquivel is founded in Costa Rica, importing construction materials.

1977 Durman Panama was created when the Durman Costa Rica group made its first incursion abroad by opening the pipe factory in David, Panama.

1978 Vinilit Chile, a company of the Etex Group of Belgium, is created.

1987 Durman El Salvador begins its activities by opening the first distribution warehouse.

1988 The Durman Group acquires Tubofort, and Durman Guatemala is established. The Etex Group, with its subsidiary Eternit Uruguaya, enters the PVC pipe business with its Eterplast brand. Nicoll Eterplast S.A., a company in Peru, dedicated to manufacturing PVC pipes, begins operations.

1989 Durman Nicaragua starts its activities with the creation of the first distribution warehouse.

1990 Vinilit Chile acquired the company Duratec during this decade, and Duratec Vinilit S.A. was formed.

1996 Durman Honduras opens a distribution warehouse.

1997 Durman enters the Mexican market and acquires its first of 5 plants.

2001 Durman in Peru starts its activities with the manufacture of PVC pipes and fittings.

2003 Aliaxis acquires 40% of the shares of Vinilit, while Etex continued to control 60% of the shares of Duratec Vinilit S.A. Durman in Colombia acquires Tuvinil S.A.

2004 The ETEX Group divided its activities in the plastics sector and became part of the Aliaxis Company group, taking the name of Nicoll Perú S.A..

2005 Aliaxis creates Nicoll Uruguay S.A. and purchases the assets from the ETEX Group, thus transforming its commercial brand into Nicoll by aliaxis. In addition, the Durman Group acquired Tubotec, located in Bogota, Colombia.

2007 Aliaxis Latin America is created with the Durman Group holding 49% of the shares and Aliaxis holding 51%. This same year, Nicoll Eterplast changed its name to Nicoll. In addition, RIBLOC's extensive diameter profiles and pipes are added to its product line.

2008 Duratec Vinilit S.A. is formed as Vinilit S.A.

2009 Aliaxis acquires 49% of the remaining shares of the Durman Group, consolidating in the region as Aliaxis Latin America.

2012 Aliaxis acquires 60% of the remaining shares of Vinilit from the Belgian group ETEX.

2013 Vinilit Chile is formally integrated into the Aliaxis Latin America division.

2019 The trademarks adopt the presence of Aliaxis by changing their name to Durman by aliaxis, Vinilit by aliaxis and Nicoll by aliaxis

2021 Aliaxis launched its Growth with Purpose 2025 strategy based on global principles and developed locally as a team.

We work to make life flow

After all these steps, a fusion between leading companies in the market arises, which decide to join forces and take advantage of the financial and technological strength and the leadership and presence in the other region. This is how Aliaxis Latin America was founded, a new operating structure present in 10 countries of the area, with the global support of Aliaxis.
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