The indispensable requirements for buildings are increasing all over the world. Water, combined with efficient piping systems to manage it, is essential to meet these challenges in many buildings. This relies on cost-effective, durable, and environmentally friendly solutions that perform well.

At Aliaxis, we design high-quality sanitary, plumbing, and cable protection systems for various applications. We cover hygienic requirements, from hot and cold-water systems, traps, and drains to shower and floor drains. In addition, we offer drainage and ventilation solutions specially designed to save money, time, and space.


Individual housing

Our high-performance, sustainable solutions are designed for the comfort of residents.
We design and manufacture all potable water distribution systems and wastewater and stormwater drainage systems for housing projects.


Apartment buildings

We offer robust, sustainable, and cost-effective systems; ideal for meeting the demands of mid-rise and high-rise multi-residential buildings.


Renovation and Self-Construction

We provide a wide range of solutions to overcome the common challenges you face when renovating or self-building your properties.


Behind the scenes, Aliaxis solutions ensure that plumbing and storm sewer systems run smoothly and quietly in different hotels.


We offer complete water distribution and wastewater, sanitary, or rainwater disposal systems to ensure hygienic environments. In addition, all our designs are rigorously explicitly tested for medical facilities.

Offices and commercial buildings

Our fluid management systems are installed in office towers and commercial and entertainment buildings to ensure a comfortable environment for those who frequent them.

Industrial and logistics buildings

We provide robust and efficient solutions for handling large amounts of rain and wastewater for industrial facilities.

High-rise buildings

We develop efficient solutions that are perfectly adapted to the challenges of high-rise buildings, including water distribution, drainage, and active ventilation in a single column and fire protection systems.

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