World-class water and energy solution

We make life Flow

Shaping a better tomorrow
by connecting people
with water and energy

What we offer

We intervene at many stages in water and energy transport, from its source to delivery to the end-user. We develop various high-quality piping solutions for efficient agriculture, sustainable infrastructure, and resilient buildings.

We are Aliaxis

Aliaxis is a global company focused on the community. We grew by joining with like-minded local businesses to create a global company that delivers the best products and solutions wherever they are needed. This is how we made the best solutions for water and energy transportation.

Our people work with enthusiasm, agility, and integrity across markets and geographies to anticipate customer needs.

Working at Aliaxis

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The experience and know-how of each of our professionals are essential to make us a world leader in the manufacture of water and energy transportation systems. The strength and passion of our local teams, combined with our ability to provide a diversified global response, define our essence. Each person who is part of Aliaxis has a great deal of talent and a story to share.

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